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Throwback Thursday! Demo Day 500 Startups

Posted by Laina on Aug 16, 2018 8:24:46 PM

This Throwback Thursday we're jumping back in time 2 years, to August of 2016. Drake was at the top of the Billboard Charts, (some things don't change), and Worklete was at the top of the lineup for 500 Startups Demo Day. 

The auditorium of the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View, California was packed. Investors chatted and checked their phones as they waited for the MC to call for their attention. Founders huddled backstage, mumbling their pitches under their breathes. You could feel the energy resonating throughout the great hall. This 2 minute pitch could potentially result in millions of dollars and a real future for the companies these founders had been working so hard to make happen. Some founders had traveled across the globe for this - now was not the time for a brain freeze. 

After a rousing introduction from the 500 Startups staff, and a few less interesting advertisements for the program, the show began. CEO and Founder, Ben Kanner, sauntered on to the stage, accompanied by the musical stylings of Busta Rhymes, sing-yelling Break ya neck! Ben looked a bit different than his peers, clad in neon safety suspenders and carrying a 42 pound water jug. I sat in the back of the room, holding my breath, praying he didn't forget his lines. Without missing a beat, or spilling any water on himself, Ben got right into it.

He described the rampant problem of workplace injuries to the crowd, and emphasized why everyone should be focused on this underserved segment of the workforce. He detailed the amazing amount of weight team members lift every day at companies like NestlĂ© Waters, and how we are helping them avoid injury. Ben also spoke about the success Worklete achieved with Hub Group Trucking, helping them take their injury spend from $546,000 to $0, in 6 months. (For more information on our work with these companies, check out our Case Studies). 

The pitch was a success! Investors buzzed around our booth after the pitching was over, hoping to speak with "The Bottle Guy" about where Worklete was headed. The beers flowed that evening and the whole team, (and by whole team, I mean all 3 of us), relished in the fact that others were seeing the potential of this idea as clearly as we were. Unfortunately, in the world of startups, there is no time to bask in good feelings. The next morning, after a breakfast of coffee and IB profin, we were back at it. It's tough to explain to our customers, who lift 12,750 pounds PER DAY, that we're exhausted from a 2 minute presentation. 

Click on the video above to watch Ben's pitch. My favorite part is when he walks out dancing to no music. (For the record, he is nodding along to Busta, there's just no sound in that part of the recording). Enjoy! 

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