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Throwback Thursday! Joining 500 startups in 2016...

Posted by Laina Reginelli on Jun 21, 2018 12:11:43 PM
Laina Reginelli


Batch 17 of 500 Startups (Can you find Ben Kanner?)

Today we're reminiscing about the spring of 2016, when we were a team of just three scrappy team mates, aligned toward a single goal: helping hard working people avoid injury. 500 Startups must have believed in the vision as well, since they invited us to join Batch 17 of their startup accelerator program. 

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It feels like so long ago that we were taking investor calls on the Caltrain from San Francisco to Mountain View. While it's hard to miss the commute and the lack of sleep, I remember those days fondly. Late night pitch prep, viciously competitive ping pong matches, munching on trail mix and listening to lectures on sales. While we were farther ahead than many startups, (we had real paying customers!), but we still had so much to learn.

Worklete's content has been solid from the start, thanks to our talented coaches and medical experts - but the actual product and website? It was mediocre at best. We were expecting clients to spend 15 minutes on training every week - we've since streamlined the program to under 5 minutes. Our sales strategy was basically, You have employees who move?? You need us! Now we have well-defined verticals, product-market fit, and an entire sales department. 

Despite all of our pitfalls, (and there were many more than I just listed), we kept pushing forward. We were thrilled to be named one of Tech Crunch's top companies to watch.

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Things didn't slow down after 500 Startups. Our product evolved (and continues to evolve, daily), and our team grew (20 team members and counting!) - but we never lost sight of our vision. Our drive to educate the world about proper human movement will never change.

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