Got Questions? We've got answers.

Worklete is unlike other training programs - which means it can be hard to understand at first. This page should help explain what the program is and how it works. If your question isn't listed below, please don't hesitate to contact:



What is Worklete?

Worklete is a digital health platform aimed at decreasing musculoskeletal injuries. Our training platform teaches the fundamentals of human movement, so team members become stronger while working, instead of breaking their bodies down.


How long does the training last? 

The Worklete program is continuous - there is no end to the training! We've found the best way to learn human movement is through short modules over time. 


Who is the Worklete training for?

Everybody moves - which means that anyone can benefit from the program. Whether you drive a truck or work in an office, the fundamentals of human movement apply. 



What happens at a Worklete Training Seminar?

A Worklete Seminar is a “Train-the-Trainer” session. Worklete coaches come on-site and certify Champions at your company on the Worklete movement methodology.  We develop team members’ knowledge, eye, and voice. Champions learn how the techniques apply to the specific jobs their team members perform. These Champions are then qualified to coach others in those same movements to help spread the knowledge and ensure everyone stays safe.


How long is the Training Seminar?

The Worklete seminar is a one-day training that takes place at the client site. Champions are re-certified once a year. 


What is a Champion?

A “Champion” is a leader at your company who has been trained to be a Worklete coach. This means they know how to do the proper movements and know how to coach other people on those same movements. Champions lead the practice sessions for each training module and are a resource for team members to learn from.



What is In-Person Practice?

A certified Worklete Champion at the client site leads his or her peers in a lesson on human movement. Worklete provides guidelines on how to run the training, and it takes just 5 minutes, every other week. 


What are In-Person Training Guidelines?

Every week, the Champion receives guides on how to run the In-Person Practice in their online account. These guides provide a step by step walkthrough on how to perform movements, as well as strong vs. weak examples, so they know how to identify potentially dangerous positions. 



What is Online Training?

Every other week, all team members complete a 5-minute online training lesson. These lessons introduce a topic with a short video, a review and a quiz. 


How do team members access the online training?

The online platform is available via mobile, desktop or tablet.  


Can I see one of the training courses?

Sure! We'd be happy to tell you more about the program. Please reach out to to schedule a free demo.