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Dashboard Updates - 7.20.18

Posted by Laina on Jul 19, 2018 5:01:09 PM

In our effort to continually improve all aspects of the Worklete platform, we have made some updates to the dashboard. Learners now have a clear call to action for their current course, a designated place to review The Basics, and admins will have easier access to all courses. Have a look below to see what has been updated.



1. Learners can easily see the current course at the top of the page


Remember, for courses that are not part of The Basics, (any industry-specific courses), Learners have 2 weeks to complete the lesson. After 2 weeks, a new lesson will appear under the current course header. 

*Note: Every team begins their training with 20 weeks of The Basics. After The Basics are complete, teams move on to Industry-Specific lessons, which focuses on a new skill every two weeks. 


2. Learners are notified if they are behind on courses

Screenshot 2018-07-19 09.07.20

If a learner has more than one lesson to complete, they will see a notification under their most recent course. This way, the learner can complete all remaining lessons in order, and can catch up with their team. The next course the learner has to do will be shown once the displayed course is complete.


3. Learners can review "The Basics" lessons at any time


The Basics are the foundation of every movement. For that reason, Learners can always view basics lessons under the header "Completed Basics." Click on the title to expand the section, and click Review Course to view a lesson.  


4. Admins have an easier way to access the Course Library


Admins who aren't regularly assigned courses now have easy access to the Course Library on their dashboard. Browse through our vast array of training courses, on all different topics. Use these lessons to better support your team, or for personal growth!

*Note: If you are a learner AND an admin, you can access the course library by clicking on "Course Library" on the upper navigation bar. 


Need admin access so you can see all the features the dashboard has to offer? Contact your supervisor to upgrade your account! 

That's all for now, go forth and check out the dashboard yourself! As always, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think. 


Stay Strong! 

The Worklete Product Team

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